2016 Fashion Show

“..One day the world will look at wearing animals as a thing of the past”. – Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart 

We are very excited to have the very first Texas VegFest fashion show at our 5th year celebration! Hosted by Kat Mendenhall of Medenhall Designs, the first annual fashion show will feature an assortment of garments and accessories from some great organizations! This area is so important to us as it increases awareness of the environmental and animal welfare concerns that are behind regular fashion and clothing items. Our organizer and fashion show participants provide information about sustainable and conscious clothing options available to you!

2:30pm Kat Mendenhall w/ K​at Mendenhall,​Purveyor of Handmade Goods

2:40pm Nikki Koenig w/C​ykochik Custom Handbags

2:50pm Josh Hooten w/H​erbivore

3:00pm Katie Remis w/V​Apparel

3:10 pm Nefer Flores w/ GreenGood Vegan

3:20pm Andy Tabor w/C​ompassion Co

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