A Big Texas Thank You for 2018!

A Big Texas Thank You for 2018!

A big Texas THANK YOU to everyone who made our 7th annual Texas VegFest a success!


The unexpected, unusual 40 degree weather didn’t stop over 5,600 people from attending!


Not only did we beat out attendance goal of 5000, we also had over 100 participants, and diverted 80% of our trash from the landfill by teaming up with TDS Green Event Services!

There was much fun to be had; great food to eat, educational lectures to listen to while warming up, cooking demos that delighted the senses and belly, we sold out of our 2018 festival shirts that were designed by Josh at Herbivore Clothing Co., and of course our sponsors, vendors, and nonprofits were in full effect dishing out all of the plant-based educational pamphlets, savory and sweet food dishes, and life-style goods!


We are overwhelmed with gratitude by the support from each any everyone of  YOU! Texas VegFest is just an idea with out all of the wonderful people that make it happen, and we are only able to reach our mission because of our supporters. Keep your calendars open for the first weekend in April 2019, for the 8th annual Texas VegFest! We’ll announce our official 2019 date, and begin taking sign ups for all participants, September 2018. Sponsors, vendors, and nonprofits be sure to keep posted so you can get on the reoccurring vendor list and get a 2019 sign up discount!


To keep posted on when we are opening our speaker participation, go here: Lecture and Cooking Demo Sign up


For our sponsor participation, go here: Sponsor Sign Up


To get information on when we are accepting participants for vendors (food and commercial), nonprofits, and community-supported agriculture organizations, go here: Nonprofit and Vendor Sign Up


For volunteer sign up details , go here: Volunteer Sign Up


Did you want a 2018 or 2017 Texas VegFest shirt, but we sold out before you could grab one? Don’t worry, we have an opportunity for you to purchase one right here on our website!  For more details, head here: Texas VegFest Shirts – coming soon! 


Not able to attend this year’s event, but still want to contribute to help make sure Texas VegFest stays free to the public while offering free educational lectures, cooking demos, and youth activities, head here to make a donation to the festival fund year round: Texas VegFest Donations Page


Have photos you want to share? Be sure to tag #TexasVegFest #TexasVegFest2018 #TXVF #TXVF2018 in all of your social media! You may also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with all of the new ideas and events brewing for 2018 and 2019.



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