Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Texas VegFest?

Texas VegFest takes places at Fiesta Gardens, on the shores of Lady Bird Lake in East Austin.

Fiesta Gardens map

How do I get to Texas VegFest?

The park’s official address is 2101 Jesse Segovia, Austin, TX 78702. Click here to get directions.


How do I take public transportation?

The Cap Metro website has directions from your location to the venue. Popular routes include:

  • Bus route 22 Chicon Saturday: drops off at the RBJ Health Center west of Fiesta Gardens or East 2nd and Robert Martinez.
  • Bus route 17 Cesar Chavez Eastbound Saturday: drops off at East 2nd and Robert Martinez.


What about biking?

Use the City of Austin bike route map or trail directory to find the best route.


Where is the parking?




  • Bicycles:

Bike racks will be available for you to secure your bike at the corner of Chicon and Jesse E. Segovia Streets.


  • Vehicles:

Please be mindful of City signage as parking is restricted in some areas and you will be towed if you park in a no parking area.

  • Parking is available on the streets around and surrounding Fiesta Gardens. We especially encourage attendees to try and park WEST of the venue if at all possible to avoid the neighborhood.
  • West of the venue there is parking on both sides of the street on Comal immediately West of Martin Middle School. Martin Middle School has lots on the North side and at the intersection of Comal and Nash Hernandez St. There is also a lot on the Northeast corner of Martin Middle School.
  • Heading East on Nash Hernandez Blvd from Comal St. there is parking on one side of the road on the lower and upper sections of the road, and to the end of Nash Hernandez Blvd.
  • Further West from the venue Waller Street has parking as well.
  • If you park in the blocks surrounding the venue on Riverview, Haskell, Holly or the cross streets like Chalmers, Chicon, Lynn and Anthony, keep in mind you are in a residential neighborhood.
  • Disabled / Accessible Parking
    Parking for persons with disabilities will be provided at the West side parking lot on Chicon, north of Fiesta Gardens, on a first-come, first-served basis. You must have a State issued placard or licenses plate to park in these spaces.


How much does it cost?

Attendance to Texas VegFest is free to the public. We offer a thank you swag bag filled with exciting items for attendees who donate $5 or more. Public donations help pay for the educational lectures, youth activities, featured nonprofit, and community outreach. Texas VegFest is orchestrated by Texas Veg Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit.


Will there be recycling at Texas VegFest?

Texas VegFest partners up with Texas Disposal Systems Green Events to keep the festival green. We share TDS’ commitment to preserve the environment through waste prevention and recycling. Look for clearly-marked TDS recycling bins and composting bins to help us keep Fiesta Gardens clean for future generations to enjoy.


Can we bring in outside food or beverages?

Each person is allowed to bring two sealed bottles of water per person; otherwise, food, beverages (including alcohol) and more are for sale inside. No glass bottles are permitted on the festival grounds.


Are pets allowed?

Sorry, no pets are allowed within the festival grounds. We love dogs, but we don’t believe the festival would be a comfortable environment for our beloved pets due to heat, crowds, food, and other considerations. Service animals with official identification are welcome.


What personal items are prohibited?

The following items are prohibited: guns, knives (or any other weapons), wallet chains, glass, alcohol, illegal substances, pets, framed or large backpacks.


Is Texas VegFest family friendly?

Of course! There’s a dedicated youth area complete with cooking demonstrations, educational lectures, yoga, face-painting, food, drinks, and more!


Will the festival be canceled due to weather?

Texas VegFest will go on rain or shine!


Other info:

All event patrons and belongings may be searched when entering the festival grounds.

Portable bathrooms will be available (including accessible portables).

An official festival photographer will be documenting the festival, and your image may be used in future promotional materials.


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