Featured Nonprofit

Featured Nonprofit


Each year, Texas VegFest chooses one Featured Nonprofit and several Community Outreach Nonprofits to participate at Texas VegFest for free.

The nonprofit organization selected as the Featured Nonprofit receives a free 10×10 booth in our prime exhibitor location at Texas VegFest, are treated like a sponsor participant with perks, and receive a monetary prize after the festival. The goal of the Featured Nonprofit is to showcase smaller, newly formed nonprofits who are doing work benefiting Texan’s health, the environment, or animals, and provide them with a large audience to share their mission.

Nonprofits selected for the Community Outreach receive an 8′ table under our covered nonprofit pavilion area for free. Selected organizations participate in the Community Outreach area with the goal of; engaging and with attendees to increase community awareness, provide educational information, encouraging community participation through volunteering, and networking with as many individuals as possible.

Eligible nonprofits must do work that is compatible with the mission of the Texas Veg Foundation: educate Texans through public activities, events, and educational outreach about the benefits of a plant-based diet as a way to improve health, preserve the environment, and protect animals.

If you know a nonprofit that meets the requirements, nominate them below by completing the questionnaire. Our team will tally up votes and announce before the event who our winner is!

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