Participants and Vendors

Participants and Vendors

Participants and Vendors

2019 Participants




VegFund is a Major Sponsor helping us cover our print advertising. Though they will not be in attendance, you can sign up on their website to learn more about how VegFun supports vegan activist globally!

Bill will have his book, Vegan Strong, for sale at his booth. He’ll be speaking about health, fitness, and veganism at our lecture area!

Hannah Kaminsky will be selling some of her books at her booth before and after her presentation in the lecture room at 1:30 p.m.

All the way from Monterrey, Mexico, La Oveja Verde will have traditional Mexican tacos with cactus, flowers, and vegetables!

Don’t miss Vlad’s cooking demo at 11:30a.m. as he gets our event started with his amazing tacos!

From Atlanta, Georgia MBV will have a booth with educational information on veganism, #BlackLivesMatter, and intersectionality. DO NOT miss her important lecture in the speaker room at 12:30p.m., Conflicted: At the Intersection of #BlackLivesMatter and Veganism.

The Humane League will be in our sponsor area this year with tons of educational information on animal advocacy! 

VP of the Humane League’s Grassroots branch will be speaking in our speaker room at 4:30 p.m. on Effective Animal Advocacy. He’ll discuss the progress for farm animals that has been underway over the last many years and how each one of us can effectively advocate for farm animals in our day to day lives. He’ll also share strategies that have led to these changes and how each one of us can effectively play a role in making life better for the 8 billion chickens raised and killed each year in the United States. Don’t miss it!

AVCC will have a sponsor booth and be present in our youth area doing henna, faca-painting, yoga, and will have vegetable fritters at both booths!

All the way from NYC, Black VegFest will be present handing out goodies and information! We’re also excited to have organizer Omowale have a self defense demo in our interactive area! Don’t miss out!

Cold-pressed organic strawberry juice, apparel, and totes.

Vegan and cruelty-free clothing, books, bags, wallets, art, jewelry, bodycare, kitchenware, and more.

Creater of our Texas VegFest t-shirts, be sure to stop by and tell Josh THANKS!!

Austin Public Library’s Mobil Library live and in action in our food truck area! Read books in the grass!

Part of our Community Outreach Area, Food Not Bombs will have

photos, sign-up sheets, and pamphlets!

Part of our Community Outreach area, Green Corn will have seed identification, gardening information, volunteer opportunities, and a display of GCP wonderful vegetables!

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders (ARS) is a public, all-girls college preparatory school of choice founded to educate young women from diverse backgrounds, and serves grades 6 – 12 within the Austin Independent School District (AISD).

Visit these amazing young ladies in our youth area for a seed ball making activity going and seedling sale!

T-shirts, caps, and mugs! SARA will also be reading from their very own book in our Youth area. Don’t miss it!

In our nonprofit area with educational material on composting, PLUS they’re hosting compost workshops in our interactive area!

This interactive booth is under our nonprofit pavilion.

SACA will have vegan trivia game with chocolate chip cookie prizes, and and animal-themed coloring activity!

Educational information about Tzu Chi Foundation, hot tea, and crackers!

Pamplets, sign-up forms, and educational information.

Pamplets, sign-up forms, and educational information.

Leaflets and magazines, along with their VR experience (18+ Only).

Rescue mission, sign-up forms, and educational information.

Central Texas Pig Rescue mercahndise!

Part of our Texas outreach, Healthy City is a plant-based educational event in Midland, TX! They’ll be promoting their food is medicine event and have educational materials to share!

Games and prizes for kids, along with educational financial information.

Books on Bhakti yoga, and packaged snacks.

Rescue + Freedom Project flyers and information.

Photos and information of resident animals at the sanctuary!

Educational brochures on plant-based diets and animal rights.

They’ll also have t-shirts for sale. The foundation is sharing a booth with Celeste’s Best, so you can lear, network, and eat sweet treats!

Information about mosquito bite preventionand mosquito-borne diseases.

WRR will be out under our nonprofit pavilion with loads of educational information on co-existing with the urban wildlife and how to best helps animals in need. 

Join us May 11th as we host a volunteer workday at WRR. More details here: 




Turkish Mediterranean Vegan Food! Stuffed grape leaves, lentil salads, and sides!

Cooking Kettle Corn on site, plus will have lemonade and water.

Pre-packaged vegan meals, snacks, sauces, and spices.

Fried mac n cheeze balls, Crispy Chick’n Sandwich, doughnuts, croissants, pop pastries, and cinnamon buns.

Organic and natural seasonings, spices, and coffee.

Fermented hot sauce and condiments, including sauerkraut and pickled vegetables.

Coffee, superfood drinks, and healthy food.

Pan fried dumplings, rice, and noodles.

Vegan Venezuelan Food!

Arepas, bowls, and tequenos!

All the granola you could ever dream of! Michele’s will have a variety of vegan granola for you to sample, and to take home!!

Authentic Mexican Cuisine! Tacos, doughnuts, glute free goods, vegan baked good, drinks, and more!

Vegan jerkey made from Shiitake mushroons!

Samples of PlantFusion!

Organic coconut milk elixirs powered by super herbs.

Vegan baked goods from Houston, Texas!!

Scoops of vegan ice cream in compostable cups with spoons!

Vegan Sandwiches and beverages!

Vegan and allergy friendly baked goods and canned drinks!

Organic CBD tincture, face-masks, and water!

All natural soaps, shaving cream, and bars!

Leading veg books author-illustrator Ruby Roth will have a booth in our sponsor area selling her amazing best seller books, has designed a coloring page for our youth area, and will do a reading at. Don’t miss her in either our sponsor or youth area!

Vintage clothing and accessories !

Natural/vegan sandals, yoga mats, hats, and shirts!

Handcrafted natural body and beard care,along with ethically and sustainable sourced screen printed shirts.

Shared booth with Pure Harmony and Foxx Boxx Vintage.

Full spectrum organic CBD.

Vegan candles with coconut wax, hemp wick, various oils, and steel wick trimmers.

Sharing booth with Sweet Thyme Designs

Books and information on natural healing.

CBD products.

My Magic Mud toothpaste!

Energy efficient doors, window, and roofing.

Hemp-based products, teas, tinctures, mints, lip balm, lotion, pet tinctures, and more.

Austin’s only vegan grocery store!! Swig by their booth for all your grocery needs. All vegan, all the time!

Hand-stamoed vintage flatware, cards, and mugs.

Shared booth with Herland Homes.

The Wandering Vegan Market is here at Texas VegFest! 100% Vegan Market under the pavilion.


Vida Green Consulting
Finery Elaborate Adornments
Flora & Fauna
Aaron DeGruyter
Pickle My Fancy
Acajú Cashew Yogurt
Roll With It vegan bakery
The Goat’s Revolt
Dolce Seven
Jeany’s Ginger Elixir
Luv Fats Ice Cream
A Crunchy Granola
Snack Jack
Bunny’s Cakes
botany & apothecary
Earthling Art
Lavender Lion